qgiv event image6320fabc778bd 1663105724"I fell for an IRS scam. I did not think I owed taxes but I was scared. I knew better but I paid the scammer anyways."  This is what one of the seniors told us and we have similar heartbreaking stories at each of our presentations.

Over the past few years, Arizona has ranked in the top ten in the United States for reported financial losses with the 60+ population from financial frauds and scams. In 2020, Arizona's 60+ population reported losses of over $27 million and this amount doubled in 2021 with over $54 million lost.

R.O.S.E.'s vision - retirement should be the best years of your life; it should be protected at all costs.

We are one of the leading forces in delivering effective, concise, and face-to-face educational programs to the elderly (and their families) so that they will be aware of the types of scams that are prevalent and dangerous to this population and what they can do to help prevent becoming a victim.

Through thoughtful content creation and impassioned speakers, R.O.S.E. helps to protect our vulnerable seniors and their hard-earned savings.  We engage with local, regional, and national experts in financial crime and cybersecurity which helps us to evaluate and update the program with current and relevant content.  

Our program is designed to be recurring with a minimum of two presentations at the same community per year.  This design will assist the seniors to continue to be aware of the frauds, prevention tools, and continue the conversation with their friends and family. This will help the seniors keep the information top of mind because it is not a matter of "if" they will be contacted, it is a matter of "when" and "how often" they will be contacted.

R.O.S.E. has created a sponsorship program to engage the community to help build our operational capacity to increase the reach of our valuable program in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.

Your support can help a senior protect themselves against scams and protect their assets in the process.

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